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  • Flora Glouberman

Reflect, Reinvent, Renew, Redesign...

2018 - The New Year is a time for reflection. We look for inspirations, and we try to find ways where we can make positive choices in our lives. Choosing to make those changes is not always easy, and sometimes our lives change whether we want it to or not.

As I reflect on my life, I realize that I have often approached change with trepidation. I live in the city I was born in, I married my High School sweetheart, was lucky to be a stay at home Mom, and spent my days with hobbies and volunteering. I’d probably still be living in that idyllic state if life hadn’t forced me out.

3 years ago when my youngest children were Seniors in High School and my oldest was in college, I lost my husband to cancer, changing my life forever.

For the first time, I found myself alone. My husband was gone, my children went off to school and I was left in an empty house. As a grown adult I found myself having to make choices about my life that most people make in their 20’s. What was next for me? What did I want to do when I “grew” up? I had always avoided change and now I found myself having to completely reinvent myself.

After learning how to embrace the quiet, rather than be afraid of it, I find myself living a life I never could of imagined. I recently obtained my interior design degree and today I am launching my own design firm - Flora Stevens Designs. I am excited that I can now use my skills to help people redesign their homes to better represent their changing lives.

It is important that we have a space where we can reflect, reinvent and renew ourselves. Our phones are always at our side, and technology can make it difficult to shut down. The world we live in today is so noisy. Sometimes we get lost in life - I’d like to help you find your way back home.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my new website and blog. I hope to share more stories of renewal, inspiration and design. From time to time I will highlight other designers who inspire me as well as show you current projects I am working on. I am excited to be embarking on this new journey with you. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with new beginnings.

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